DO IT ALL with ONE integrated Solution

Insurance Administration, Management & Processing Solution


  • Streamlined Administration
  • Calculation engine for premiums, fees, commissions, gst, etc...
  • Faster delivery of a new products to market  
  • Product manufacturing & flexibility
  • Rates engine
  • Rules engine which encompasses; automated acceptance limits (AAL), eligibility rules, product rules, underwriting bands, etc...
  • Reduce operating costs 
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Add value to your clients
  • User anywhere access
  • For all levels of the distribution channel

Do you want to know more?  

marQuee® - Setting the path, that others follow

marQuee® is an integrated modular all in one solution. Some of marQuee available modules include the following capabilities - contact management, file management, accounts management, life & income insurance administration, group life & salary continuance insurance policy administration, Employee Benefit insurance policy administration, reporting and administration System.

marQuee® Solution suite allows for straight through processing of information whether it is from a desktop, internal network, cloud, web or mobile technologies.

This allows for managing and storing of information on individuals and companies. It can also manage files and documents related to each of the companies or individuals and other entities added into marQuee®.


marQuee® Solutions Suite is flexible enough to allow you to grow from 1 member up to a billion or more members with no need for a system upgrade. marQuee® Solutions Suite is also flexible enough to allow you to grow from a single user up to thousands of concurrent users with no need for a system upgrade.


marQuee® Solutions suite is flexible enough to easily allow the customisation to add new products, features, functions and rules, that allow you to keep up with the additional requirements due to changing regulations, business models, environments and their requirements. marQuee® is flexible enough to be easily customised to allow for the expansion into the other business sector.

Add More Value

marQuee® Solutions Suite can add value to your business customers. It can be customised to offer to enhance your business impact with your clients. 


Business modules to incorporate other business/industry sectors administration and management requirements


Using Desktop, Laptop, Web, Cloud and mobile technologies, BYOD


Enhanced file and document storage & management


Business connectivity using cloud solutions


Share information by integrating and interfacing to existing Applications.


Distribute processing and application load over multiple processors or servers.


Design your own reports

Reduce Operational costs

marQuee® Solutions suite is a high capacity solution that allows you to 

  • reduce your administration and operational costs while delivering better service to your customers
  • Eliminate the need for physical document storage
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase response times
  • Reduce Processing Cycles
  • Value Add to Customers 


marQuee® Solutions suite integration capabilities allow you extend the power and potential of automating your companies data entry and workflow processes.

marQuee® Cloud Portals can be integrated within your own websites allow you to give your clients the power to administer their own details and policies.

Leveraging from its modular capabilities marQuee® can expand your website to incorporate the following functions;

  • Direct Quoting - premium & loading calculations
  • Underwriting process
  • Individual member self-administration
  • Groups / Employee Benefits self-management & administration
  • Fact Finds, Questionnaires, Templates and Statements i.e.: Statement of Advice (SOA), Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), etc...
  • Real-Time integration with back office
  • White label your insurance products
  • Commission Split calculations

and many more...

System / Technology

marQuee® Solutions suite has be developed as a

  • distributed architecture & processing solution
  • multi-processor multi-core solution
  • mulit-server
  • Cloud Ready

Integrate also with other products such as;

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Kerio Mail Server
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Windows Explorer