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Insurance Administration, Management & Processing Solution



  • Straight Through Processing
  • End To End Processing
  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Portable
  • Mobile
  • Expandable
  • Customisable
  • Integration
  • Endless Possibilities

Do you want to know more?  

marQuee Business is a Client Relationship Management and Administration System with integrated aspects for Group, Life and Income Protection Master Trust Policies, and is designed to facilitate and streamline the business processes in the manufacturing of rates, distribution of products, underwriting, customer care, claims processing, portfolio information, file & document and risk management.

Deliver it your way!

Seamless processing that allows you to setup, configure, manage, administer and process group, employee benefit, companies, member, policies, product data and information for life and income insurance products.

Manage insurance policy products requirements and options such as; 

  • Automatic acceptance limits
  • Eligibility rules
  • Underwriting rules
  • Calculate Premiums, loadings, Fees, commissions, deductibles, discounts, GST, Stamp duty, etc...
  • Maximum & minimum premiums, payments, outgoing and income
  • Riders
  • Rates Management
  • Benefits configuration, rules, etc...
  • Quotation, Underwriting, Adjustments, Renewals, Reminders, Lapsed policy processing
  • Annual review processing
  • Questionnaires and statements
  • Product manufacturing and options
  • File & Document Storage (Documents, Letters and other files)
  • Claims processing and payment
  • Dealer and advisor commission calculations and payments
  • Reporting - dashboard
  • Web Connectivity
  • Highly Configurable
  • Company & People Information Management
  • Entire risk insurance life-cycle - member, group and policy administration, underwriting, billing, claims, advisor and reinsurance processing
  • Process Employee Benefits clients and members information and policies

Simply Process

What if you could define, manage, process, administer and adjust benefits plans to meet the unique requirements of each of your clients - all within a single integrated solution.  You can with marQuee Business Solution Suite for Retail based policies and Group based policies.

  • Import member & group information
  • Import policy information
  • Auto-calculate premiums, fees, commissions, benefit amounts, loadings, etc...
  • Policy Holder, Owner and Beneficiary information
  • Company, Employer, Group & People / Members dependents and contact details
  • Products manufacturing
  • Riders, Endorsements & Loadings
  • Product Underwriting rules and questionnaires
  • Billing information and processing
  • Product import and setup (rates, settings, minimum & maximums, etc...)
  • Insurance:  Death, Total & Permanent Disability (TPD), Physical Loss & Major Burns, Trauma, Income, Salary Continuance, Business Expenses, Key Person, Funeral, Final Expenses Insurance, Recovery Assistance Benefit, etc... 
  • Waiting & Benefit Periods
  • CPI adjustments, GST and Stamp Duty
  • Group / Employee Benefit & Policy Establishment Process
  • Retail Member & Policy Establishment process
  • Generate Renewals and Certificates
  • Continuation Options
  • Fixed & Anniversary Renewals
  • Multiple cover/sum insured calculation types
  • Multiple rate types
  • Online client self-processing
  • AAL's & FUL's
  • Information Alerts 
  • and much more...